Group / Multi / Bulk SMS online with sender id

Bulk sms / messages are the type of messages that use sender name instead of phone number.
Sender name can be your company / business name that you choose to use,
when a message is delivered to the recipient it goes with your Sender name / Sender Id as from number.
Some times you get message from (TIGO PESA, SOKABET, MICHEZO) all these are example of sender names that you can also create your own to send messages to your clients.

To be able to use Bulk SMS in Tanzania, the sender name must be recognized by TCRA and verified by Mobile networks.
Thus you must register your sender name by submitting us an application letter with company / business recognition attachments, the particulars that will be used for registration and verification of the sender name for  bulk sms in Tanzania.

Once the sender name is verified to all mobile networks, you can start sending the messages using our online Bulk sms Application.

ASmall text messages can greatly power your company's sales growth

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New product promotion

Introduce your latest business and products to customers in the way they prefer, so that your every effort and innovation is seen by more people

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Marketing activities reach in time

Festival marketing, periodic promotion and other preferential activities timely reach customers, improve the effect of activities, create more profits for your company

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Order full link care

Send payment care, logistics care, refund care and other messages to your customers at the key points of the order, so that customers can have a perfect delivery experience, while improving the order conversion rate

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Avoid customer loss

Send personalized message alerts to customers when they forget to pay or hesitate after adding products to their cart, to help your prospective customers reconsider their actions and avoid customer loss

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Improve repurchase rate

Send care messages and preferential messages to customers on festivals, members’ birthdays and other time nodes to improve user loyalty and increase the re-payment rate

Our Bulk SMS application

Our web application is enabled with different features to help you manage contacts, contact groups, and messages. You will create / Import your contact details and contact groups and using the contacts you will be able to send messages in bulk.Also will be able to view sms logs with their status

Our Bulk SMS application

Our prices are very affordable and varies with the usage