The following are some of the websites by us (albitech) for various campanies

Proper Consult Ltd

Proper – Consult (T) Limited is one of the leading property management
consulting firms in Tanzania. 

It was registered in 1992 and is manned by
Tanzanian professionals of long standing experience in the disciplines of asset
management, property management, estate agency, land administration,
valuation, project appraisal, financial analysis and resource management. It is
registered by the National Council of Professional Surveyors and is licensed to
practice for gain:

Property Management Services
Valuation of Fixed Assets
Business (Company Valuations

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Industry: Property Manager


National Ecological Agriculture Conference is a platform aiming at creating  awareness on Ecological Organic Agriculture (EOA) and encompassing organic agriculture and agroecology among policymakers and key stakeholders.


The National Ecological Organic Agriculture Conference (NEOAC) will be held on 21st and 22nd October, 2021

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Go Property Consult

Go Property Consultants & Auctioneers Co. Ltd is a real property consulting firm, property auctioning & debt collection.

Further more Go Property deals with property marketing for various purposes such as sale, buy, rent, lease and joint venture.. To win the competitive market Go Property us various marketing strategies such as identification of target market, Quick respond/Customer call center, property videos, social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter), Website, Publishing real estate news (magazine, flyers, brochures) and sharing information with other local real estate agent.

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Industry: Real Estate & Auctioneer

Trinity Promotions Ltd

Trinity Promotions Ltd, is a Dar es Salaam based public relations consultancy that assists businesses to communicate their message clearly to their target audiences. Our clients include not only
some of East Africa’s best brands but also international  organisations. In addition we promote selected natural natural products made in Tanzania and promote quality initiatives in the creative sector.
Our team has a combined 25 years of experience in these fields.

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Industry: Public Relations & Marketing

Vega star Shipping Services

Vega star is the company that Provides a service, on behalf of an importer or exporter, with the physical movement (logistics) and legalities (customs) in importing or exporting goods from one country to another. This service involves two service providers, namely the clearing agent and the freight forwarder

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Industry: Clearing & Forwarding

Sky Drops

Sky Drops, is the company that produces clean and pure water

it has 20 years of services.

The company is owned by Indigenous Tanzanians.

the main aim being to facilitate availability of clean and pure water for drinking in both public and private sectors.

Water are tapped from safe and reliable water sources with the best and most advanced filtering method.

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Industry: Drinking water industry